February 14, 2007

Crossing the gulf stream and becoming heros

We Barely made it through the gulf stream. Our youth and impatience set us off in NE winds 15-20 with a destination against the current. We beat into the wind and against the current for fourteen hours at 2 knots speed over ground. As we closed in on the last fourteen miles our genoa was reefed and water was trickling in everywhere. It poored rain and the wind veered around to the East keeping us just off the coast for hours. We were tired, wet and cold, sleeping at the wheel and doing cirlces. Leaving at 13:00 we arived North Bimini at 07:00 the next day. Water had come in all the windows and through the steerting column and and anchor locker. It was horendous, we were wet and and tired but we worked well as a team and made it through the night. When we went to our bunks in the morning we found that everything was soaked. The moral was a bit low as we entered the long anticipated clear water Bahamas.

We spent all day yesterday drying our stuff and recovering. Everything was out on deck blowing int he wind. We have also learned that in a matter of seconds there are flash rain storms that can leave you with buckets of the best drinking water if you are prepared to catch it. We have met numerous other cruisers who all receive us with soo much hospitality and interest. We are younger than anyone else out here by thirty years. Most people work thier whole lives to do this, we sort of skipped the line.

Yesterday our trusty radio picked up a mayday call that no one esle could hear. So we responded and acted as relay for the boat in distress and the coast gaurd in Miami. We were on the radio for four hours as they deployed a helicopter and a rescue boat. There was a crazy lightning storm and the boat was adrift out in the Bahama flats. The Helicopter had to leave them as the lightning storm engulfed them and after propably six hours the boat was met by a rescue commercial fishing boat. haha leave it to the fisherman.
Laura and I were in a yoga lightning stance on the galley floor as lightning struck all around us. It was pretty scary. It was neat to learn that my out dated radio works all the way to Miami, and the boats around me with thier flash new equipment were out of the loop. Barely Twisted was thanked by the Coast Guard and Tow Boat US for assisting in the rescue.

Yesterday I saw a giant sting ray manor ray thing jump clearly out of the water. I have never seen such a thing.

Our next desitination is Chub Cay due East of here. Noaa weather reports call for gale force winds and freezing temps. hmmm, might be time to lay low for a while.

February 11, 2007

Float Plan 1

Lv Ft Lauderdale 26'05.40N 80'04.70W
Ar North Bimini 25'42.05 N 79'18.65 W
Course 120' T

TD 10:00
ETA 20:00