November 19, 2007

A new boat and bigger dreams

Leaving Colorado last December to sail around the world was the dream, figuring out what I would need to know along the way was the plan. I drove to Florida, bought the first boat I looked at, and sold the car. Three months of sailing around showed me what kind of boat I would need... After getting knocked around in a gale and several short squalls in that last tropical storm off the coast of South Carolina, wearing out crew and soaking every last personal item at least once, it was time to start looking. I sailed into St. Augustine and threw down the pick. Right next to me was a beautifull 1964 Pearson Vanguard, full keel blue water cruiser. I rowed over to take pictures and met the owner as he was brushing his teeth. The next day we traded titles and rafted up to move off of and into our new boats.

If you set out to live your dream the world will conspire to make it happen. We are surrounded by resources that will lead us in which ever direction we are compelled to follow. Everyday I meet someone who helps me along the way. The adventures with Barely Twisted are now to be lived by Michael Perry the competent restorer of the former S/V Nicole Marie, who has seen the world twice round. She will be properly re-introduced to the elements as the S/V Ultima Noche. Sea willing, she will set off once again on another cultural geography tour around the globe.

This week was spent finding teak and making this table and bed board surfaced with a chart of the Puget Sound where I learned how to sail, and Morning Glory styled the Wind Vane paddle (that steers the boat with the wind) with an Aboriginal style dolphin.

The plans are growing with this new boat: A roving hostel, humanitarian research and aid platform, sea farm and sustainable living experience all-in -one. The brightest minds and spirits are quitting their jobs and filling the bunks. Morning Glory Farr and Derek Turner are cutting loose and making her their home as well. We will be making a film, writing, and facilitating an international dialogue as we go.

Keep in touch, as we will be exploring different ways of life, sharing our lessons and bringing aid to those who we encounter. If you see a humanitarian cause that you want to help, let us know and through our non-profit organization 100% of your pledge will go directly to that cause.