July 22, 2008

Pico this!

To make friends and use the internet we sailed from Flores to the Island of Fial. Upon our arrival we met half a dozen incredible people and have been skipping from one meal to the next chatting the days away with like minded people from all over the world. The first obvious activity for us all to do was to climb Pico, the local volcano. So plans were sorted one evening over dinner and wine. These pictures taken by Johan tell the story better than words.

First peak:

Hitching a ride to the base:

Underestimating the climb:

Showing off for the ladies:

Wine from Pico Grapes, Cheese from Pico Cows, Bread from Pico Bakers, and hot Coffee from Seattle:

Everyone making it to the top at the same time:

Sitting on top of the world:

The descent:

A blow out!:

A repair:

The trial:

And parting shots:


Carol Patterson said...

So glad you posted the pictures. I was dying to hear (and see) Flores Island. I wish I could be there too. I hang on every word you write.... keep it coming. It looks like a dream trip of a life time. Your great grandfather would be pround of you for sure!!

xosecheda said...

Hola Daniel espero que llegaras a inglaterra con bien.
Un saludo