February 02, 2009

Snowboarding in Crested Butte

Jon from the Double Bruyn and Laura my cousin from the days of Barely Twisted and I met up for a reunion in Colorado. We romped around the slopes under cloudless skies, met really hospitable people, drank beers in the sunshine, talked endlessly about sailing and our next adventures, and soaked our bones in the hottub.

Crested Butte is a charming town and warm community. We were greeted with genuine interest, treated like royalty with discounted food and lift tickets, free accommodations, and a ski jump right in front of our porch. We couldnt ask for more. If you buy a case of beer, you receive two for one lift tickets. How could we complain? Free buses roam the streets and there is always a way to score free hot chocolate. Thanks to Kristen and Thomas for all your hospitality! They even said we could come back anytime... hehe

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