January 14, 2010

I got a new wing man

Here are the steps:
Find some of these.

Find some way to distract them:

Grab your new buddy.

Let him do the work....

Rob, Erin, Everett, Ludo and I just had a road trip across Spain for the holidays. Beautiful countryside, good laughs and great times catching up with lifetime friends.


Teal said...

I read that you are looking for crew. ARe you still?

Teal said...

If you are still looking for crew. I am definitely interested in adventuring on a sailboat. I look forward to hearing from you.

wutzel_s said...

Hey there,
I simply love this blog, this looks like something I always wanted to do, I have been sailing since i was a kid.
I saw that you are looking for crew which sounds amazing.
If you are actually still looking for someone to join you anywhere in the world this summer,
email me wutzel_S@hotmail.com.