March 01, 2007


Well we had a few adventures getting here by the end of the month but we made it.
The cold front that passed over Florida last week came our way to Chub cay and hammered us. We barely skirted into the safety of a marina as the winds reached a gale and the rain picked up. The marina wanted $112.00 for us to stay for the night so we choose to head out into the storm at nine in the morning to find a free anchorage and it happened by tremendous stores of good luck. We beat into the wind and rain hitting sand bars and loosing hope for another few hours before we got an anchor to hold. We have a knack for traveling against the wind and in less that favorable weather. But we are working it out and growing patient and all the while seeing some beautiful places.

The quality of people here is the ice one the cake as it always is with travel. The places you go will all ways be there. Its the people you meet that make the places. We are amongst a crowd of retired Canadians, French and Americans. They love that we are out here so early in life and they all say they wished they would have done it when they were our age. Everywhere we go people reach out to help us and offer advice. Each day we meet more people and hear more incredible stories.

We spent a few days in Nassau where we met the skipper on the NZ12 Americas Cup boat and he took us for a sail on it. It was thrilling. Then the next day he came for a sail on our boat where he tuned my rig and taught Laura and I how to trim our sails. It was an amazing sailing experience on our boat and a life time experience on a five million dollar carbon fiber Americas cup boat with a mast ten stories high.

Most importantly, we met up with our partner boat the ‘Double Brauyn’. The New Zealand brothers that started in the same port as ‘Barley Twisted’ in Florida, two months ago. We are going to post out here in the Southerly Islands of the Exumas for the next month. The fishing is good and the scenery never tires. There are over three hundred sail boats from around the globe here for the Georgetown Regatta. We came just in time and will slip into the race.

Last night we dressed as pirates and danced the night away on the beach to the Regatta music. Today we are setting sail south for the Ragged Islands just south of the Exumas.


Mark Sink said...

With you guys .. thankyou for the log.
Thank you for taking us with you.. this is so so exciting !! I am on the edge of my seat ! Please keep it coming. Your our heros !.... I love you.

Carol Patterson said...

Ann and Ed are thrilled with your stories. Post some more pictures. Lets hear from Laura too. Lizzy says "take me too!" she can check out rodents in the ports.

Amelia said...

Great to read that you guys are sticking it! You are missing out on some snowy weather out here in Colorado, we are still waiting for global warming it seems we are missing out on it this year. Micah and I saw Katie at a high class Democrat function last night it was really great to see her. I am trying to find a way to hook up with her in Africa this summer, I might have a guiding gig there so who knows mabye we will go on a safari together. I have some major teeth problems and my face is pretty swollen needless to say I look kinda funny and the drugs make me feel kinda funny. Keepup the posts we all are waiting for more and I hope the wind blows your way.