March 20, 2007

Ragged Islands to the Isle Great Inagua

Pictures speak for themselves and long winded updates never get read so here are some pics of the South Eastern Bahamas and our experiences.

The beautiful Ragged Islands served us well with calm coves to anchor and the fruits of the path less traveled. We landed on this completely deserted Island and these are our Boats. From Left to Right, Moxi, Barely Twisted, and Double Bruyn.

Our daily feed is becoming less of what we have purchased and more and more of what we are able to catch. Jon and I went fishing with spears on the reefs, I got two and Jon got one. :) This Dolphin fish Laura and I just caught on the line was the most beautifull color in the water. It took both of us to get it into the boat.
The company that we have made has been most of the last weeks adventure

Hundreds would pay thousands eh?
We are now heading for the Dominican Republic where we hope to get local vegitables and some culture.

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